The collection and management of this information is governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and will be disclosed to outside parties only as required by the payroll process or by law.

For those participants who are exempt or qualify for exemption from Canada Pension Plan (CPP) deductions, proof of this status is required by completing the Canada Revenue Form cpt30 “Election to Stop Contributing to the Canada Pension Plan” and submitting this form with all the required documentation to Drake. A link to this form is provided here:

TD1 forms are available online for those wishing to make an adjustment to the standard Federal and/or Provincial income tax deductions, these forms must be completed and returned to Drake. For participants subject to standard taxation deductions, no additional paper work is required. Below are the links for both Federal and Provincial TD1 forms should this be applicable.

TD1ON 2020 Ontario Personal Tax Credits Return:

TD1 2020 Personal Tax Credits Return:

Please refer to your EQAO Finance Procedure for wage calculations. A deposit advice will be emailed to you two days prior to the date of deposit. Your T4 will be available to you electronically in February 2020. Please contact Drake immediately to report any updates to your contact information.